• Odile Bocande-Koffi


Vision Board or Visualization Board

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Hello, my name is Odile Bocandé-Koffi Coach of senior executives and business teams. Founder of OBK Performance.

Today, I would like to talk to you about what is commonly called in English the "Vision Board" which is the creation of a "visualization board" representing by images the major objectives that you have decided to achieve this year.

This will help you activate the law of attraction and achieve your goals.

"This will help you activate

the Law of Attraction

and achieve your goals. "

Why does it work ?

Your mind responds strongly to visual stimulation (A picture is worth a thousand words).

The images will stimulate and strengthen your emotions and we know how emotions are the energy that thrills, motivates and activates the law of attraction.

By dint of seeing in pictures the representation of your goals, your brain will work tirelessly, sending your subconscious what you have decided to achieve.

This will lead you to make the right choices, to take the necessary steps towards completion, and see your dreams and objectives come true.

« This will lead you to make the right choices, to take the necessary steps towards completion and see your objectives and dreams come true. »

The vision board is probably one of the most valuable and powerful positive visualization tools. It represents a tangible image of the future you desire in all areas of your life.

Step 1 - Think about your wishes for this year, what you really want to achieve and let your imagination run wild!

If you had a magic wand what would be the 5 specific goals you would like to achieve this year? For example: The place where you would like to go, the position you would like to occupy, the company you would like to join, the savings you would like to have, the balance between work and private life, the turnover you would like to generate etc.

Step 2 – Have fun choosing pictures or photos taken in happy moments, which illustrate your dreams, your goals, the desired future.

These images can be chosen from your private photos, from magazines, on the net, or let your imagination take over. You can also choose meaningful symbols, words or quotes that mean something positive to you.

Step 3Paste these images on a sheet that could be displayed like a painting.

Step 4Display your “Vision Board” or “Visualization Board” in a visible place where you can see it regularly.

A few additional tips:

A - Just target the most important goals, because if your board contains too much information, it loses clarity for the subconscious and bring confusion to your mind.

B - Schedule "appointments" to visualize your ideal future. The evening before bedtime is an auspicious and very promising time. We know that what happens 45 minutes before going to sleep will play out several times during the night in your subconscious.

C - If you wish, you can create several “Vison Boards”, one for professional goals that you may have in the office, another at home for private goals.

D - Don't forget to make sure your goals are realistic

You will have pleasure and be surprised

seeing all your goals come true!

it’s just magic!